Autism Services

Our Approach

We help families with children who are experiencing challenges related to a diagnosis of autism, developmental delay, ADHD, or behavior disorder. Our team approach to services incorporates the hands on involvement of our BCBAs in all aspects of your child’s therapy.

In addition to a BCBA, your child is typically assigned two behavior therapists to purposefully build generalization skills. Behavior therapists are highly trained and heavily supervised in their delivery of ABA services. Additionally, we offer specialized support to parents and caregivers to ensure that you are receiving the help you need to address behaviors and skill development outside of session times.

In-Home ABA

We work with your child (ages 1-14) and your family to provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) services in your home to address your child’s behaviors and develop strategies to increase his or her skills and abilities.

With Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) led services, parent support coordinators, and fantastic behavior therapists, we can help your child reach new heights in the areas of communication, behavior, safety, and self-care. We will also coordinate services with other professionals involved in your child’s care to encourage consistency.

Space is limited, so please be sure to fill out the intake form so that we can serve you as soon as space becomes available.

Therapy and Education Center

At the Dominion ABA Therapy and Education Center, we provide your child a play-based ABA curriculum designed for children ages 2-6 with autism and related disorders.

Individualized instruction is provided in a variety of settings by behavior therapists supervised by a BCBA and
a licensed special education teacher. Each child receives intensive communication training as well as instruction in social, classroom, and daily living skills.

Individualized parent support is provided and wrap around home support is offered for generalization of skills.

Please be sure to fill out the intake form so that we can serve you as soon as a space becomes available.