Autism Services

Our Approach

We help families with children ages 1-14 who are experiencing challenges related to a diagnosis of autism, developmental delay, ADHD, or behavior disorder. At Dominion ABA, we use individualized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) interventions for each child in your home and the community or in our preschool age therapy center.

In-Home Services

We work with families to provide our charter service, In-Home ABA, which addresses their child’s behaviors and helps them develop ways to increase their skills and abilities. With Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) led services, parent support coordinators, and fantastic behavior therapists, we can help your child reach new heights in language, communications, behavior, age appropriate interests, safety, and self-care.

This is an INTENSE service, often lasting 10 or more hours a week. Parents or guardians must be able to participate. While there are no guarantees in life, the changes that are possible with intense ABA are well worth the effort. There is generally little to no wait for children who are available during the day (typically babies and/or home schooled students). For all other children, knowing your location and availability will help us serve you faster.

Clients’ services are covered by Medicaid and some commercial insurances. We also work with families paying privately or with state/community funding.

Space is limited, so please be sure to fill out the intake form so that we can serve you as soon as space becomes available.

Dominion ABA Therapy Center

At our center, your 2.5-5 year old child will spend the day with ABA therapists under the supervision of a BCBA. Individualized, intensive services are provided throughout the day in a child-friendly, fun, play center atmosphere. Most aspects of daily life can be incorporated into the program and children’s unique needs are taken into account as therapy goals are assimilated into playtime, mealtime, toilet training, and general ABA sessions. We also provide in-home services to children who attend the therapy center. This unique approach incorporates generalization of skills learned at the therapy center and also provides parental support.

As this is an ABA therapy center, many insurances will reimburse these services. Our therapy center will also accept children placed by public school systems looking for an appropriate, least restrictive environment. Additionally, state and/or community funding will be accepted.

The center offers half day and full day options Monday – Friday. Before and after care are offered on a case by case basis.

Please be sure to fill out the intake form so that we can serve you as soon as a space becomes available.

Rapid Toilet Training

Some children need a little more help to achieve success on the potty. For families who need the extra assistance or for families who simply want to avoid a long, drawn out process, we can help. Our 2 day/16 hour process will allow your child to experience success and give you an opportunity to continue with the process once they’ve mastered the basics. This is for children with or without disabilities.

Fill out the intake form now to start your child’s training.