Community Based Mental Health

Our Approach

Our services are designed to meet the needs of individuals experiencing difficulties in their lives due to emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. We provide each person with individualized services and training so they can function as successfully and independently as possible.

Mental Health Skill Building

Dominion Day Services is a Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) licensed provider of Mental Health Skill Building services.  We help adults who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges which result in significant functional impairments in major life activities and make it hard for them to live independently.  These individuals demonstrate clinical necessity for our services and require individualized training to self-manage in the home.

Mental Health Skill Building criteria include:

  • a mental health diagnosis
  • a previous psychiatric hospitalization or other treatment
  • a recent prescription for psychotropic medication

Our qualified mental health professionals work closely with adults to enrich their daily lives by providing them with the customized tools they need to live as independently as possible.  The adults we serve benefit by learning many valuable life skills from our caring, highly competent staff members, including:

  • Personal daily living skills
  • Socialization
  • Home maintenance and management
  • Activities of daily living
  • Budgeting
  • Medication assistance
  • Parenting
  • Appointment management

After our clients receive these services, they will be much better equipped to manage day-to-day life challenges. Our specialized professionals work very hard to ensure they are able to function more effectively and overcome any barriers, ultimately empowering them to gain more independence.

Please email us for more information.

Intensive In-Home

Dominion Day Services is a DBHDS licensed provider of Intensive In-Home services. Our team of compassionate, talented mental health professionals help children and adolescents up to age 21 with emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues.

Criteria for Intensive In-Home include:

  • Risk of out-of-home placement because of conflicts with family or community
  • Difficulty in cognitive ability such that they are unable to recognize personal danger or recognize significantly inappropriate social behavior resulting in being at risk for out of home placement
  • Transitioning home from an out-of-home placement
  • Diminished self-care
  • Repeated interventions by mental health, social services, or judicial system

Our staff works primarily in clients’ homes with at least one parent or responsible adult participating in the process to secure the youth’s current home placement. The responsible adult is expected to engage in therapy and service-related activities to benefit the individual.

Treatment focuses on:

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Communication skills
  • Behavior modification
  • Social skills
  • Anger management
  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Care coordination with other services

This highly intensive service helps families maintain a family system by enabling them to work through their issues and keep the youth in their home for the long term.

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Therapeutic Day Treatment

Dominion Day Services is a DBHDS licensed provider of Therapeutic Day Treatment services. Children experiencing ongoing emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges in their school are at risk for potentially needing more intensive services or out-of-school placements.  Criteria for Therapeutic Day Treatment include:

  • Difficulty in establishing or maintaining normal interpersonal relationships to such a degree that they are at risk of hospitalization or out-of-home placement
  • Repeated interventions by the mental health, social services or judicial system are or have been necessary
  • Difficulty in cognitive ability such that they are unable to recognize personal danger or recognize significantly inappropriate social behavior
  • Extremely depressed or marginally connected with reality
  • Deficits in social skills, peer relations or dealing with authority; hyperactivity; poor impulse control

In an effort to address these situations, our experienced counselors step in to help.  They work diligently to cultivate a healthy, functional day-to-day environment for the child. Our staff works with the child in or after school using evidence based social skills curriculums, including:

  • year-round counseling to include summer programs
  • highly structured curriculum
  • classroom monitoring
  • therapeutic groups
  • individual counseling
    • social skills
    • anger management
    • conflict resolution
    • appropriate classroom behavior
    • improved focusing skills
    • appropriate verbalization
    • impulse control
  • behavior modification for behavior problems

Parents and/or guardians are coached by the counselor to be active participants in the treatment process and participate in the services weekly. Children benefit by developing the skills needed to succeed.

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My Place Youth Advocacy & Mentoring

My Place Youth Advocacy & Mentoring Program is designed to help young adults ages 17-21 who opt out of the traditional independent living setting in lieu of more independent responsibilities and freedoms. Students will practice with hands-on support the skills necessary to transition into adulthood.

The objectives of the program are safe, affordable housing; employment / education; mental and physical health; life skills; and family and community supports with pro-bono aftercare offered as needed.

Each month, the social worker, student, and case manager will review progress in all areas. The measured outcome is a student who is in safe, affordable housing, is employed, has an education degree or certificate, and is successfully connected to a supportive adult or organization. Specifically, this program offers numerous valuable components to help ensure favorable outcomes for the individuals we serve, including:

• Safe, affordable housing in the youth’s name
• Mentoring / Family / Community Connection
• 24-hour emergency call
• Case management and associated transportation
• Employment
• Budget to meet essential financial needs
• Education

Criteria for My Place Program include:

• Have the emotional and financial ability to live independently with supports
• Opt out of the traditional independent living setting, but
do not have the financial and emotional maturity to
succeed without supports
• Have an early discharge due to the inability to comply with the Independent Living agreement
• Do not have active suicidal or homicidal ideation

My Place Youth Advocacy & Mentoring Program is available in Richmond and surrounding areas.

Please contact Janet Brown at (804) 426-6647 or email her for more information.

We hope to have the opportunity to help you gain the supports needed to integrate into your community successfully.

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