• school

    Hit the Books

    A variety of programs are offered in-
    school, after-school, in group settings,
    or one to one – across all age ranges
    and challenges.

  • home

    with Parents

    We work in all types of family
    settings to help achieve the most
    successful outcomes.

  • community

    Moving Together

    Our services are open to the
    community and help to better society
    as a whole. We pride ourselves on
    working with all kinds of people and
    advocate for those in need.

  • social_support


    A Hand Up

    Our goal is to support, teach and foster independence.

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You Should Know


Mental Illness Among U.S. Adults

Graph Credit of National Institute of Mental Health

Staff Highlights

Janet Brown

Milepost 18 Program Director

Janet Brown, Dominion Youth Services Milepost 18 program director, received the 2011 Award for Outstanding Private Partner. Brown was nominated for her personal commitment to intensive, creative and unconditional work with older youths for more than 30 years. Brown seeks to connect youths in foster care to positive families that are committed to the children’s best interests and who will help them navigate into adulthood. Read more…

Upcoming Events

Youth First 2012

February 15, 2013

Youth First 2012 will take place on Friday, February 7, 2014 at the Riverside Conference Center in Stafford County. Tthis […]