Dominion Academy

Dominion Academy is a therapeutic day school for children who are in need of a smaller school setting due to a lack of success in a large public school environment.   All of the students have an IEP and are associated with a disability related to academics and or behavior.  Our goal is to provide a therapeutic setting in which our students can learn to identify the areas of weakness, strengthen them through staff support and return to public school if appropriate or to complete their education with us.

Students receive educational services from our licensed teachers and also receive group and individual therapeutic counseling from our LCSW counselor.  The level of services and type are determined by the student’s IEP, which is created by the IEP committee consisting of a school representative, zoned public school official, parent, student, teacher and any other participants deemed necessary to write an effective plan.

Dominion Academy offers the core academic subjects, physical education and a pre-vocational program called Essentials for Independent Living.  We follow the Virginia Standards of Learning to prepare our students to take the required SOL tests at the end of the year.  Our therapeutic counseling service teaches students about social skills, anger management, conflict resolution, impulse control and other skills that an individual student may need to achieve success.

Students are referred by the local school systems and must receive funding through FAPT or DSS.

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